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Labeling Standards

See Product Labeling Standards.

Lawn Mowers

Lawn Mowers: Noise and Cost of Abatement
M.J. Rudd; E.K. Bender
June 1974

This document contains information useful for the development of noise emission standards for lawn mowers. Topics covered include information on lawn mower construction, noise characteristics of models currently on the market, and noise reduction techniques and costs necessary to achieve specified noise levels.

Buy Quiet Program - Quiet Lawnmowers

Information on Noise Levels, Noise Measurement Methods and "Buy Quiet" Experiences Associated with Rotary Power Lawnmowers
October 1981

This supplement is intended to help governemtn purchasing agents and other officials purchase quieter power lawnmowers. It contains quiet lawnmower purchase specifications which were developed at a government-industry conference hosted by The National Institute of Governmental Purchasing in April, 1980. This conference was the first in a series of such specification development conferences that NIGP is conducting on different products.

Local Issues

See Community Noise, Residential, State and Local Issues.