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Impact of Noise on People
May 1, 1977

Aviation noise significantly impacts approximately six million people in urban areas. In an effort to explain the impact of noise on these citizens, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) presents this brochure. Included are aircraft noise indices, information on human response to noise, and criteria for land use controls. Additionally, hearing damage and occupational health standards for noise are described. FAA presents this information in an effort to enhance public understanding of the impact of noise on people and to answer many questions that typically arise.

In Defence of Hearing

Information on Levels of Environmental Noise Requisite to Protect Public Health and Welfare with an Adequate Margin of Safety
March 1, 1974

This document identifies noise levels consistent with the protection of public health and welfare against hearing loss, annoyance, and activity interference.

Is Quiet Possible at the Dudley Home?
December 1, 1978