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Most useful EPA documents.

Thank you for helping us to bring the EPA Noise Library out in this CD Set format after nearly 25 years of neglect. The EPA Office of Noise Abatement and Control produced many useful documents during its brief existence in the 1970s and the very early 1980s. Noise Pollution Clearinghouse has received over 1100 of these documents from the EPA, and has made them available in this set.

Fifteen years after the EPA's Office of Noise Abatement and Control was closed, all EPA documents from that office were put into EPA Docket N-96-01-II-A (the docket also includes several newer documents), placed on microfilm, and the originals were shipped to a government archive somewhere in a western desert (and to the best of our knowledge, haven't been seen since). The 24 rolls of microfilm reside in an obscure EPA basement office, and probably haven't been seen by anyone either.

The Noise Pollution Clearinghouse has made the entire 24 rolls of microfilm once again available to the public in DVD and CD formats. We have converted the microfilm to searchable PDF files and put them together on this CD Set. In addition, approximately 100 of the documents are available on the website of the Noise Pollution Clearinghouse at http://www.nonoise.org/epa.htm.

The documents are all public information and NPC is providing unrestricted use of the PDF format they have been converted into, so they can be copied to personal hard drives or shared with whomever. We ask only that they not be resold. Our goal in producing this Set is to expand the audience for these materials and to recover our costs of producing them. We haven't achieved the second goal yet, so please encourage people to purchase the DVD (or CD set) from NPC if they can afford it.

This seven CD set is divided into 7 categories:

There is some overlap in the categories, so a transportation related document might also be in the popular CD.

We hope you find the CD set useful. Please call the Noise Pollution Clearinghouse at 888-200-8332 if you have questions or problems.