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Handbook of Noise Ratings
April 1, 1974

The Handbook of Noise Ratings has been compiled to provide information in a concise form describing the multitude of noise rating schemes which are in use today. Although most of the information contained herein can be found in other references, it is hoped that by describing the noise rating methods in a single volume the user will have better acess to the definitions, application and calculation procedures of the current noise rating methods. The format used in this handbook divides the measures into four chapters: I. Direct Ratings of Sound Level, II. Computed Loudness and Annoyance Ratings, III. Communication Interference Ratings, IV. Community Response Ratings. The first page for each noise rating contains the title of the measure, the units used, the definition of the measure, associated standards, geographical usage, and purpose. On the following pages, the additional information on a given noise rating is divided into such headings as: BACKGROUND, CALCULATION METHOD, EXAMPLE, EQUIPMENT AND REFERENCES.

Hazardous Exposure to Impulse Noise
June 14, 1905

Health Effects of Noise - Literature Survey Update
June 1, 1982

In September 1980, the authors submitted a report to the Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Association which reviewed the literature existing at that time concerning the health effects of noise. This report is an update and extension of that literature review, covering material published on that topic since January 1, 1980, and extending the coverage to include infrasound. The time period covered with reference to the effects of infrasound is from 1972 to the present. This report is a brief summary of the findings, based on the same procedures and the same criteria described in full in the 1980 report.

Highway Noise - A Reprint of "The Audible Landscape: A Manual for Highway Noise and Land Use"
August 1, 1976

Hip Talk - The Hearing Is Priceless (HIP) Program

A set of multimedia educational materials on noise pollution and hearing protection.