Noise Pollution Clearhouse
"Good neighbors keep their noise to themselves."


Noise References from the European Commission's Noise Policies

Motor Vehicles 70/157/EEC

Motor Cycles 97/24/EC

Tyres for motor vehicles and their trailers and their fitting 2001/43/EC

Subsonic Aircraft 80/51/EEC

Subsonic Jet Aeroplanes 89/629/EEC

Limitation of the Operations of Aeroplanes 92/14/EEC

Operating restrictions at Community airports 2002/30/EC

Interoperability of the Trans-European high-speed rail system 96/48/EC

Interoperability of the conventional Trans-European rail system 2001/16/EC

Household Appliances 86/594/EEC

Recreational craft (negotiations of Commission proposal COM(2000)639 in progress) - follow-up by EC Directorate General Enterprise

COMMISSION OF THE EUROPEAN COMMUNITIES - Air Transport and the Environment Towards meeting the Challenges of Sustainable Development