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Noise in Our National Parks

There is a bill in the US Senate that would increase natural quiet in national parks (S. 268). It needs to be strengthened and it needs our support. Click here to see what you can do to help.

Noise Pollution Clearinghouse is developing an information resource on noise and National Parks. National Parks are obligated to protect the resources within the park including natural quiet and wildlife. The documents included here are directly related to National Park objectives:

Effects of Aircraft Noise and Sonic Booms on Domestic Animals and Wildlife: Bibliographic Abstracts. This report is a compilation of current knowledge of the impacts aircraft noise and sonic booms have on animals. Abstracts of over 150 studies are given.

Effects of Aircraft Noise and Sonic Booms on Domestic Animals and Wildlife: A Literature Synthesis (1988).This is a report compiling results of many studies researching noise and its effects on wildlife. The studies focused primarily on mammals and birds, but also includes fish, amphibians reptiles and invertebrates. A brief description of aircraft noise and sonic boom characteristics is also included.

Effects of Aircraft Noise and Sonic Booms on Fish and Wildlife: Results of a Survey of U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Endangered Species and Ecological Services Field Offices, Refuges, Hatcheries, and Research Centers (1988). This document presents the information provided by biologists and field managers at field installations of National Wildlife Refuges and other similar environments. It documents the effects overflights have on wildlife at the sites and gives recommendations to educate about the problems of overflights and how to deal with them.

National Parks and Aviation Threats. This article is from the National Parks Magazine, Jan-Feb 1999. It describes the threat to natural quiet in national parks from commercial airports.

National Parks Overflights Act of 1997 (S. 268). This bill was introduced to the Senate by McCain of Arizona to regulate flights over national parks.

Noise in Our National Parks / Natural Areas, NPC Noise News. This is a collection of news stories related to noise in national parks.

Noise Pollution Clearinghouse Wildlife Fact Sheet. A brief fact sheet on the effects of noise on wildlife.

Report to Congress: Report on Effects of Aircraft Overflights on the National Park System (1994). This report details a wide range of costs and benefits of overflights. Included in the report are effects overflights have on natural quiet as a natural resource, cultural and historic resources, wildlife, visitor enjoyment and safety. Values associated with tourist overflights are also taken into account. The report used information from surveys given to park manangers and visitors to the park on the ground and in the air. The report gives recommendations to reduce the impact of overflights on National Parks.

Testimony of Grand Canyon Trust regarding National Parks Overflights and S. 268 (1997). This testimony given by Tom Robinson to the Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation of the United States Senate. He outlines the importance of the act and gives recommendations to improve upon the act even further.

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