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Resources for Teaching Acoustics

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Music Related (back to top) -- Musical acoustics research library (Gary Scavone, CCRMA, Stanford University) -- Virtual orchestra (TML, Finland) -- Computer research in music (Stanford University)

Ocean Acoustics (back to top) -- Ocean acoustics (SACLANT and Scripps Inst. of Oceanography) -- Marine mammals (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute) -- Ocean acoustics library (Mike Porter)

University Research (back to top) -- Animations (Vic Sparrow, Penn State) -- Psychoacoustics and other (Bill Hartmann, Michigan State U) -- Acoustics and wave animations (Dan Russell, Kettering University) -- Acoustics demonstrations (Auburn U.) -- Acoustics demonstrations (Indiana U.) -- Georgia Tech. -- Noise control course (John Lamencusa, Penn State) -- Animations of the modes of membranes and the directivity patterns of linear arrays.(David Brown, U. Mass Dartmouth) -- Acoustics course (Luc Mongeau, Purdue)

Demonstration experiments in physics (back to top) Many physics departments list their demonstration experiments on a website. Some sites have detailed descriptions and photographs so that these demonstrations can easily be reproduced. The Physics Instructional Resource Association (PIRA) maintins an excellent bibliography of demonstration experiments. -- PIRA bibliography of demonstrations on oscillations and waves -- U. of Maryland -- Brown U. -- U. of California, Berkeley -- U. of Oregon -- North Carolina State U. -- U. Texas -- U. Washington -- U. North Carolina -- U. Wisconsin -- Boston U. -- U. of Guelph -- Virginia Tech -- Wake Forest U. -- Michigan State U. -- U. of Missouri -- Georgia Tech. -- U. of Florida -- VMI -- Text to speech interface -- Courses on percussive instruments, brass instruments, piano, violin, flute and clarinet (Musical acoustics group in the French acoustical society (SFA)) -- The Soundry, an interactive website on sound on a basic level with several links (Alex Kulesza, David Green, and Granite Christopher). -- Tinittus -- Underwater acoustics (U. of Washington) -- Whale acoustics (U. Washington) -- Musical acoustics (U. New South Wales) -- Speech and musical acoustics (KTH, Stockholm) -- Dolphin ear library -- Ship sounds (SID, the submarine project) -- Bug sounds (U. of Kentucky) -- Bell sounds -- Guitar acoustics (Joe Wolfe and John Smith, Univ. New South Wales); see also /violin and /flute -- Sound Levels of Typical Noise Sources - a chart (Ogden Environmental) -- Virtual tour of the ear (Perry Hanaran, Augustana College) -- Human ear -- Physics of music (John Askill, Millikan University) -- The McGurk Effect home page -- A to Z Science (Discovery) - Sound -- for teachers,1876,17934-135618-21-20462,00.html -- Learning network -- -- Wave animations -- -- Tutorial on noise and vibration control with links -- “String and sticky tape” demos (Ron Edge, U. South Carolina) -- “Say What Club” (chats about cochlear implants) -- Underwater sound and sonar

Miscellaneous Acoustics (back to top) -- Yahoo site with links to sonoluminescence, noise control -- Descriptions of books in acoustics (Edge Consulting Group). -- Acoustics FAQ (Capanella Associates) -- Acoustics glossary (Iverson Software) -- U. Victoria -- Thermoacoustics (Los Alamos National Lab) -- Boundary element and other software (Integrated Sound Software, UK) -- National Physical Laboratory (UK) -- Discrete Fourier transform (Julius Smith) -- Digital waveguide modeling (Julius Smith) -- Digital audio resampling (Julius Smith) -- Developed by Stephen Kirkup, Integrated Sound Software


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