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"Good Neighbors Keep Their Noise To Themselves"

Construction Noise

Boston Central Artery and Tunnel Project Construction Noise Control Spec 721.56
The noise control plan for Boston's "Big Dig," this Section specifies requirements for Noise Control Plans, a Noise Monitoring Plan, monitoring prior to and during construction, response to community complaints, and equipment certification. The intent of this Section is to minimize construction noise within construction areas, lay-down areas, and communities adjacent to the construction site.

Demonstration Hearing Conservation Program for Construction Workers in Washington State
Washington State has adopted a program to reduce hearing loss among construction workers. Take a look at the specifics of the program here.

The Institute for Research in Construction seminar series on Noise Control in Buildings yielded this group of papers

Noise Control Materials for the Construction Industry
This is a compliation of resources from agencies around the world working to quiet the construction industry.

Report on Construction Noise from British Columbia's Worker's Compensation Board
This report details what can be done by construction companies to reduce noise.

Safety Gram from the U. S. Army Corp of Engineers concerning backup beepers.

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