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"Good Neighbors Keep Their Noise To Themselves"

Noise Control Materials

Package prepared for Jim Maddux, OSHA Office of Safety Standards
By Alice H. Suter, Ph.D.
February 7, 2001

  1. National Occupational Health and Safety Commission (NOHSC) - Australia
  2. WorkSafe Western Australia SafetyLine
  3. Noise Management for the Building Industry

    “Noise Management for the Building Industry: Current Practices and Strategies for Improvement.” The condensed version is an 18-page report by Marion Burgess and Joseph Lai of the Acoustics and Vibration Unit, University of New South Wales, Australia. It was prepared under a grant from WorkCover NSW. The full report may be obtained via www.adfa.edu.au/amec/avu/ or from the Acoustics and Vibration Unit, e-mail: avunit@adfa.edu.au . The condensed report covers current (minimal) noise management practices in the building industry, typical noise exposure levels, the extent (minimal) to which the current NSW Code of Practice for noise is being implemented, strategies for improving its implementation, and recommended actions. A comprehensive bibliography is included, along with a list of documents and brochures available from WorkCover NSW and WorkSafe Australia and Western Australia.

  4. Blue Angel Program

    The Blue Angel program is run by the government of Germany to encourage manufacturers to produce equipment and other products that are safe and healthy for workers and for the environment. There is a special program for low-noise construction machinery. A program for low-noise chain saws is listed separately. The Blue Angel program awards a special label to be affixed to products that perform significantly better than the prevailing regulations.

  5. Sound Alert

  6. The Raptor

    An article from the Canadian Edition of Time (12-4-00) contained a short write-up of a concrete cutter being developed by the Brookhaven National Laboratory called “Raptor.” It is a gasoline-powered gun that fires projectiles into concrete as a cutting mechanism. The developers anticipate a sound level of approximately 82 dB.

  7. Materials from the Health and Safety Executive, U.K.
  8. Report from the Workers’ Compensation Board of B.C.

    Construction Noise is a report developed by Stuart Eaton of the Engineering Section, Workers’ Compensation Board of British Columbia, dated February 2000. In addition to a discussion of noise exposure levels by trade, activity, equipment, and construction stage, the report discusses various approaches to noise control. The section on engineering noise control covers various types of equipment, such as mobile equipment, pile drivers, portable air compressors, hand tools, pneumatic tools, etc. Another section discusses practical on-site noise control methods, such as the erection of barriers and equipment maintenance, as well as a brief discussion of hearing protection devices. A section on “inspection hints” provides a checklist for managers.

  9. Articles from Noise Control Engineering Journal

  10. Papers from Noise-Con 2000 - Newport Beach, CA

  11. EPA regulation of portable air compressors for noise
    See www.nonoise.org/lawlib/cfr/40/40cfr204.htm

    Title 40, Chapter I, Part 204 from the Code of Federal Regulations has been reproduced, which covers noise emission standards for portable air compressors. This is the only regulation from EPA’s Office of Noise Abatement concerning construction noise that has survived the closing of the noise program. It calls for a maximum sound level of 76 dBA when measured and evaluated according to specified test procedures. The regulation requires a permanently attached label in a readily visible position on the compressor enclosure. It also includes testing and anti-tampering requirements, and instructions for maintenance, use and repair. However, since the Office of Noise Abatement was closed in 1982, the regulation has not been enforced.

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