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There are many people concerned with quieting noise at the source and other noise related issues. This is a list of links to groups and companies around the world who focus on noise in some way. The respective material within each page expresses opinions that belong to its organization. Contact the Noise Pollution Clearinghouse using our web form if you would like us to place a link to your organization's webpage here.

Some of these noise groups have newsletters , which can be an excellent source of information and support on grassroots organizing and successful tactics. To read newsletters from grassroots groups, see NPC's Newsletters From Grassroots Groups feature.

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Internet Noise Discussion Groups

QuietNet is an unmoderated, informal internet mailing list for the general discussion of the fight against noise. It is not sponsored by or associated with any organization, and anti-noise opinions expressed on QuietNet are sometimes extreme. To subscribe, send an email to the QuietNet administrator, David Staudacher (quiet@igc.org).

QuietList is also an internet mailing list and a more formal forum for discussion of noise pollution. The QuietList is a "moderated" list sponsored by the Right to Quiet Society of Vancouver, BC, Canada. It is primarily a listserve for "hard news" and information relating directly to activists involved in fighting noise. While general noise discussions are somewhat tolerated, they are not encouraged. To subscribe, send an email to majordomo@igc.org placing "subscribe quiet-list" in the body of the message.

AviationWatch focuses on the discussion of aviation noise. Anyone advocating a sustainable, equitable and accountable aviation industry is welcome: activists, professionals and individuals concerned with noise, environment, public health, and other quality of life issues. It is a project of U.S. Citizen's Aviation Watch, a coalition of grassroots groups fighting airport noise in the United States and internationally. To subscribe, send an email to one of the AviationWatch administrators, David Staudacher (quiet@igc.org) or Jack Saporito (jsaporito@aol.com).

The Usenet Newsgroup "alt.activism.noise-pollution" was created for the discussion of noise issues. It is an unmoderated forum. The group is accessible via Usenet news services such as DejaNews or AltaVista. Anyone can post to this Usenet Newsgroup without subscribing.

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