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"Good Neighbors Keep Their Noise To Themselves"

Jet Ski Noise

Jet skis are noisy, polluting, detrimental to wildlife, and unsafe. The documents below discuss why we need pervasive jet ski bans.

Drowning In Noise: Noise Costs of Jet Skis in America (2000)
Noise from jet skis is now a $1 billion problem in the United States, and a growing one. "Drowning In Noise" concludes that only bans on usage will curb jet ski noise. This report published by the Noise Pollution Clearinghouse is the product of two years of research and analysis by economist Charles Komanoff and mathematician Dr. Howard Shaw.

Request For More Effective Regulation of Jet Skis (1998)
This document includes history of the PWC, water and noise pollution, impact on wildlife, safety, other regulation, and public opinion. This report offers a multitude of reasons why jet skis need to be strictly regulated.

An Ordinance Amending the Code of Ordinances of the Town of Southern Shores (1999)
A restrictive jet ski ordinance from Southern Shores, NC, aimed at reducing noise and pollution. The jet ski ordinance is the result of the, "Request FOr More Effective Regulation" above.

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