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What can you do?

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With the continued increase in noise, every individual counts to reduce this form of pollution. Take it into your hands and make your community a quieter, more relaxing place to live. 


1. Join NPC’s efforts. Sign on to our network of people concerned with noise. The larger our network, the greater our chances are to decrease noise pollution.


2. Inform your friends, neighbors, and local representatives. Noise has many effects on health and on the quality of life. If you have a noise concern in the neighborhood and need to ralley support from your neighbors, or if you are proposing a noise ordinance for your town, informing them about the effects of noise may help you out. Some important resources in our Online Library include Noise and Its Effects and Noise: A Health Problem.


3. Form a noise group (under construction)


4. Learn what is good or bad about your local noise ordinance and how you may be able to improve it. Get a copy of your own local ordinance and compare it to our analysis of ordinaces. (under construction)


5.  Contact your U.S. representatives. Let them know you want something done about noise pollution. "Contacting the Congress" is a great web site for contacting your representatives easily. Follow our link to the map of the U.S., click on your state to learn the addresses, phone numbers and even fax numbers of your representatives. Let your representatives know how you feel. Use the back button to return here. Click here for Contacting the Congress.

The activities of Congress can also be searched on Thomas, Legislative Information on the Internet. Current bills in Congress and congressional records can be searched in this site which is a service of the U.S. Congress through its Library.



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