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October, 1996
Vol. 3, Issue 3

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Your Voice Is Heard

FAA Make Residential Property Defective -- Business Beware

The FAA wants to title private property as far as 30 miles from O'Hare as a "Noise Sensitive Zone". Around the end of September, the FAA plans to publish the new proposed draft policy in the Federal Register. After it is published, the public has 60 days comment period.

The new proposed policy will establish a lower noise contour of 55 DNL that could reach out to 30 miles from the airport. At the same time, the FAA wants to title residential property as "disclosure" meaning this property is "defective, airport noise sensitive". This translates to greatly reduced property values. According to one township assessor, "[It would] Destroy our tax base and our communities." Businesses would suffer from the additional tax burden.

The FAA claims that --

 ARCO's objective is to obtain property value compensation and health benefits for the serious diseases that are caused by O'Hare's, and other airports, pollution.

Since the FAA wants to make noise an issue, the noise contour that should be used is the court ordered noise contour of 45 dB.

Officials must now recognize that this issue is just not a "Noise Annoyance Issue". We need permanent, meaningful, relief. *

ed. Note: This issue will be discussed again at the next meeting.


 Daley Gives Residents More "Noise"

At an Arlington Heights Advisory Committee on O'Hare Noise meeting, on September 17, ARCO presented its position on Chicago Mayor Daley's proposed Noise Commission.

The advisory committee has several concerns about the proposed noise commission. They decided to investigate these concerns at a working meeting October 1.

ARCO was present at the meeting and presented concerns on the residents' behalf. Those concerns are:

Daley's proposal is not a good faith expression, from good's business as usual.

This whole issue needs to be legislated; we can't rely on more promises or contracts that can be broken.

ARCO was disappointed that Arlington Heights did not immediately reject Daley's proposed noise commission outright because it was not presented in good faith.

ARCO presented another proposal for Arlington Heights and other communities to join. The new noise commission was begun by Park Ridge, separate from SOC; its only requirement for joining is for the community to reject new runway construction.

The new committee will deal with environmental and noise concerns. Director J. Saporito spoke with Village President Arlene Mulder after the meeting about this commission to be formed by communities themselves. She expressed interest in this new organization. *

Bits and Pieces...

ARCO Presents Plan to Greater O'Hare Business Assn. (9/17/96)

"O'Hare Airport overcrowding is already affecting the environment and millions of peoples' health, safety and with the new FAA proposed ruling, property values and tax base, we need to look elsewhere rather than more flights." J. Saporito

ARCO believes in a balance between economy and ecology. The plan envisioned by ARCO will benefit all concerned parties. The ARCO solution is to introduce High-Speed Rail as an alternative to airport expansion. Some of the details include a rail station at O'Hare, the airlines could run High-Speed Rail as a joint effort, new business ventures for the business community, & residents get a guarantee of no new runway construction & reducing operations to a safe, healthy level.

ARCO's goal is to present this High-Speed Rail plan nationally, instead of expanding existing airports in preparation of the expected transportation boom.


Illinois House Speaker Lee Daniels Stands Pat:

 Besides Speaker Daniels pledge to ARCO that he is against new runway construction at O'Hare: At the same GOA meeting (9/17), he stated that the goals of the General Assembly were: A new airport was needed to relieve delays at O'Hare, regional control of O'Hare and a nighttime curfew was needed. He went on to explain that ARCO's High-Speed Rail plan is viable especially within 200-400 miles.


Saporito Named Spokesperson for NRDC

The Natural Resources Defense Council has asked ARCO Director Saporito to be their spokesperson in Chicago for the release of the Aviation  Pollution/Health Report.

It will be released mid-October in DC, LA, NYC, & Chicago.


ARCO Monthly Meeting Report

Even though the issues discussed were very important, it seemingly was not enough to draw support from ARCO membership. Important matters were on the agenda regarding the O'Hare Airport issue and the FAA's new proposal that will lower your home's property value.

Attendance was low; only 20 people attended, along with Pete Brathwaite, District Legislative Liaison for US Congressman Philip Crane (R-8th District). Of the 20 people, only 5 were ARCO members.

Mr. Brathwaite restated Congressman Crane's position against new runway construction at O'Hare Airport.

Attendees were upset that they were not notified by the press about the important meeting. They stated the only reason they were there was that they were notified of the meeting that day, on the 5:00 PM news on WGN radio.

Citizens voiced concern that their respective towns' officials and state legislators were not in attendance, though officials within a 25-30 mile radius of O'Hare were notified.

Note: Senate President Pate Philip, Sen. Peter Fitzgerald, Rep. Terry Parke and Rep. Carolyn Krause notified ARCO that they could not attend.


SOC Joins In On Environment

At the request of ARCO, the Suburban O'Hare Commission joined ARCO in protecting the O'Hare community's health.

 We have suspected for awhile that our health & environment has been suffering greatly as a result of O'Hare overcrowding.

SOC's initial investigation found O'Hare was not reporting its total release of toxins (bubble rule). Instead they were piece-mealing it, by having the airlines themselves report it as their toxic release. In reality, the airport owner is totally responsible for its environmental impact.

 SOC is also calling for a total account of all pollutants and its effects on our health & environment.

ARCO is working with many organizations across the nation on this issue and it will not be "business as usual", when it comes to the health and safety of millions. *


Upcoming Events

 (Heritage Park is located at Fernandez and Victoria in Arlington Heights, IL)


24 Hour Noise Hotline

Whenever noise affects your quality of life, call this Hotline:

Governor's Office..........800/642-3112


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