[Laws in effect as of January 16, 1996]
[Document not affected by Public Laws enacted between
January 16, 1996 and August 28, 1996]
[CITE: 42USC4907]


                        CHAPTER 65-- NOISE CONTROL

Sec. 4907. Labeling

(a) Regulations

    The Administrator shall by regulation designate any product (or 

class thereof)--

        (1) which emits  noise  capable of adversely affecting the public 

    health or welfare; or

        (2) which is sold wholly or in part on the basis of its 

    effectiveness in reducing  noise.

(b) Manner of notice; form; methods and units of measurement

    For each product (or class thereof) designated under subsection (a) 

of this section the Administrator shall by regulation require that 

notice be given to the prospective user of the level of the  noise  the 

product emits, or of its effectiveness in reducing  noise , as the case 

may be. Such regulations shall specify (1) whether such notice shall be 

affixed to the product or to the outside of its container, or to both, 

at the time of its sale to the ultimate purchaser or whether such notice 

shall be given to the prospective user in some other manner, (2) the 

form of the notice, and (3) the methods and units of measurement to be 

used. Section 4905(c)(2) of this title shall apply to the prescribing of 

any regulation under this section.

(c) State regulation of product labeling

    This section does not prevent any State or political subdivision 

thereof from regulating product labeling or information respecting 

products in any way not in conflict with regulations prescribed by the 

Administrator under this section.

(Pub. L. 92-574, Sec. 8, Oct. 27, 1972, 86 Stat. 1241.)

                  Section Referred to in Other Sections

    This section is referred to in sections 4902, 4909, 4912, 4913, 4915 
of this title.


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