Noise Ordinance for JEFFERSON COUNTY, WV (Including Harpers Ferry)

Excerpt from

Section 5.8 Residential/Light Industrial/Commercial District

The purpose of this district is to guide the high intensity growth into the perceived growth area.

5.8 (b) Standards

5.8 (b) 2. NOISE. All noise shall be muffled so as not to be objectionable due to intermitting, beat frequency, or shrillness. Noise levels shall not exceed the following sound levels dB(A). The sound-pressure level shall be measured at the property line with a sound level meter.

5.8 (b) 5. VIBRATION. No vibration shall be produced which is transmitted through the ground and is discernible without the aid of instruments at any point beyond the lot line nor shall any vibration produced exceed 0.002g peak measured at or beyond the lot line using either seismic or electronic vibration-measuring equipment.


The following sources of noise are exempt:

  1. Transportation vehicles not under the control of the industrial use.
  2. Occasionally used safety signals, warning devices, and emergency pressure relief valves.
  3. Temporary construction activity between 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m.

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